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dance educator

I am an artist, a teacher, a collaborator, and always a student. I aim to constantly inspire and grow alongside the people around me! I am currently the Dance Director of Carroll Manor Rec (Phoenix, MD) and I would love the opportunity to get to know you and your dancers through workshops, guest choreography, or private lessons. Take a look at my teaching philosophy, artist statement, experience, and previous work below. I would love to connect with you!

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching dance has been a huge part of my life for many years, and it has grown into one of my most favorite things to do. I am empowered by bettering dancers through building relationships and challenging them in the classroom. I was initially drawn to teaching dance through the inspiration my teachers have provided me and I wanted to provide that for current dance students.As a dance educator, I prioritize my role as a support system and a mentor for students. I desire to be someone who can inspire and challenge them. But even more than that, I work to encourage them to want to be the best people they can be when they leave the space. Dance requires discipline and a deep understanding of self. And if I can help them learn about themselves and push their boundaries as artists, I know I am doing my job.

Challenging dancers is a priority that I consistently expect of myself while teaching. Knowing their individual boundaries and pushing those limits is what can allow dancers to feel valued and understood. I ensure that I create a rigorous curriculum for each level being taught, in order to continue pushing technique training but also allow for innovation and discovery for each dancer.Lastly, I encourage collaboration and working together as a team in my classes. Dance requires us to think differently and allows us to learn from each other, and I emphasize that in my classes by giving personalized feedback and reminding students to continue to learn from one another and dance as individuals and as a unit.

Artist Statement

My approach to choreography is very collaborative. When I am able to, I create works that encompass the needs and strengths of my dancers, and also challenge me creatively. I like to allow flexibility within my work to make necessary changes to create a more fulfilling process and end product.I work typically in contemporary and jazz styles, but am looking forward to expanding my artistic repertoire to create works outside of those genres. I have set dances on students at To The Pointe. Dance Studio (Ridgely, MD), for a wide range of students between the ages of 3 and 18. I have also done work with Washington College’s Dance Club and choreographed for Dancescape, Washington College’s Dance Minor Concert. These experiences have allowed me to work with guest artists, faculty, and students who bring their varied experiences to the creative team.My inspiration comes primarily from music, but I have created dances inspired by visual art and spoken word poetry as well. My favorite music genres are pop or independent (indie) music, so when I choreograph jazz or contemporary I look to these genres and what is playing on the radio first, but I do enjoy exploring other music depending on the theme of the work. Using these musical interests, my work have been more enjoyable and fulfilling. And to touch on my creative process, after finding inspiration from music or another form of art, I create a preliminary idea of where the piece is going with general movement vocabulary and broad concepts for formations and transitions. Then, the more specific details come last like arm placements, directions, and formations.As I continue to hone my style as an artist, I want to always remember to continue to prioritize collaboration and enthusiasm in my process. I am empowered to create dances that my cast is proud of and feel like they are a part of creating. But, as much as it is important to get the work done, I try to incorporate fun and the love of dance into my rehearsals so we never forget why we do it. Creating dance should always be a rewarding experience, and I always want to show my energy and passion towards this work in my pieces.


After Rain 2022
Washington College
Feel Alive 2020
Washington College
I’m Torn 2019
Washington College
Learn to Let Go 2018
Washington College
Trepak Divertissement 2019
Nutcracker, To the Pointe. Dance Studio
Professional Development
Dance Life Teacher Conference 2023
Las Vegas, NV
Dance Life Teacher Conference 2019
Atlantic City, NJ
Delaware Dance Education Organization Professional Development Workshop 2019
Newark, DE
Awards and Affiliations
Maryland Council for Dance Participant and Member 2016-2020
Omicron Delta Kappa 2018-2020
Cater Society 2018-2020
Delta Eta Pi 2017-2020
Mary Martin Grant Recipient 2019

Education - Washington College Class of 2020
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Communications and Media Studies
Minors in Dance and Arts Management and Entrepreneurship
Towson University (in progress)
Master of Arts in Dance Education
Carroll Manor Dance - Phoenix, MD
Dance Director 2023-Present
- Tap/Ballet (ages 3-8)
- Creative Movement (ages 3-4)
- Children's Hip Hop (ages 5-8)
To the Pointe. Dance Studio - Ridgely, MD
- Intermediate/Advanced Jazz (ages 14-18), 2019-2023
- Beginner/Intermediate Contemporary (ages 11-14), 2018-2023
- Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary (ages 14-18), 2019-2020
- Children’s Modern (ages 6-8), 2016-2018
- Children’s Ballet (ages 5-8), 2016-2017
Continuum Dance Company - Easton, MD
- Adult Ballet 2023
- Adult Jazz 2023
Washington College Dance Club – Chestertown, MD
- Open Jazz, 2020
- Beginner/Intermediate Jazz, 2018
Dance Residency at Kent County Middle School – Chestertown, MD
- Ballet, Hip-Hop, Partnering, Modern, Jazz, 2017-2018
The Nutcracker 2022
To The Pointe. Dance Studio
Continuum Dance Company 2017-2018
Talbot County, MD
Dancescape 2017-2020
Washington College
Dance Club Concert 2017-2020
Washington College
Sho’Troupe Dance Team 2016-2020
Washington College

I would love to connect with you!

Email - [email protected]
Facebook - Caitlyn Creasy
Instagram - @caitmarie01